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Click the Tower to See the Home Page. We did it so much, they made a policy making you pay for prints. Publication ended Pf January,Edition.

Popular Electronics 1954-1963

Every issue, from toof Popular Science Magazine. The guys that wrote for the mag were rock stars to downloadd. Remember the ZX Spectrum? Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. We maintain a list of such issues and replace them when an eBay seller has one at a reasonable price.

A history of ham radio culture: If you present people with stuff that isn’t dumbed down in the slightest, a surprising number of people will go with it, be if childrens programs that are resolutely not condescending, or magnificent magazines like this. There was no continuit y from May to January No reds, or blues, or blacks.

Use of this site constitutes acceptance electtonics our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Why waste time paging through huge encyclopedias when you can choose the topic you need and select any of the specialized circuits sorted by application? InternetIsBeautiful comments other discussions 7.

Electronics Experimenters Handbook from Popular Electronics. A history of ham radio culture: This is something I’d really enjoy to download as an archive and browse as a whole without the website. For anyone who was a kid in the s, these iconic computer brands are the stuff of legend.

Want to add to the discussion? How did computers invade the homes pdd cultural life of s Britain? The original source for each circuit is listed in an fownload, making it easy to obtain additional information. Final issue from Winston Gadsby. Moderator Discretion Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but we have beheld a lot! Websites that require a webcam. Ultimately, it’s the story of the people who made the boom happen, the inventors and entrepreneurs like Clive Sinclair and Alan Sugar seeking new markets, bedroom programmers and computer hackers, and the millions of dowbload folk who bought in to the electronic dream and let the computer into their lives.

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Search all issues of Popular Electronics.

The very donwload “Altair” issues have been kindly provided by Josh Bensadon. This flooded the memories. Consumer electronics magazine from to I’m going to read all of these.

Was your post removed from here? Electroncs can’t begin to tell you how important these mags were to me in my teenage years in the s. What NOT to post detailed explanations can be found here: That sounds like a good idea. Category Free CultureOpen Data. Pretty fucking amazing legacy.

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Online stores, paid services, or sites which serve only to sell a specific product. This is the way we received them.

Extensions, software, or other content which requires a download to use. No September- October Issue. Browse to a folder you want to save them to. Ever have a go at programming with its stretchy rubber keys?

Populae exception is that electronics designers did not yet really understand some digital issues, like level sensitive versus edge sensitive and metastability and unbounded settling times etc. This book in the series has practical, ready-to-use circuit designs, with schematics and brief explanations of circuit eldctronics. Rival “Electronics World” was merged into ” Popular Electronics” in But I love vintage adds, so that’s not a bad thing.

Subs tend to bottom out at 20 now don’t they? Then select only PDF. Date 27th November Something not unique includes generatorsblogs, tumblrs, etc. Sites that are not unique. Electrpnics to believe how far we’ve come, so quickly.

As far as overestimating the public I wouldn’t say thatthere is a very vibrant community of techiesI would say the vast majority though. It’s the oldest reference I’ve seen of this.

Man, when I was in college in the early 90’s me and my friend used to pull these up on microfilm and used the ‘copy’ function to print out pages.