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You can reset the adapter by cycling power to the drive.


Negative voltages are ignored and treated as zero. The PID loop is used to maintain a process feedback such as pressure, flow or tension at a desired set point. Datalinks allow specified parameter value s to be accessed or changed without using explicit messages. A [Encoder PPR] must be set to match the number of pulses per revolution of the encoder used i. P Sets the time the drive remains at minimum frequency after releasing the brake coil relay before stopping if EM Brake Control Mode is enabled with P [Stop Mode].

Page Index wiring testing wave protection safety reflected timer wiring programming encoder tools noise immunity programming recommended RS DSI safety shielded unshielded temperature wiring unshielded voltage reflections writing Modbus voltage reflections wiring Rockwell Automation Publication UMA-EN-E – December Setting Up the Adapter b.

Allen-Bradley PowerFlex 525 User Manual

Appview Parameter Groups Chapter 3 Programming and Parameters AppView Parameter Groups PowerFlex drives include various AppView parameter groups that groups certain parameters together for quick and easy access based on different types of applications.

Select the Drive tab to begin the correlation process.

This tab is extremely useful for configuring drive parameters, accessing start-up wizards and troubleshooting. Datalink parameter number whose value is read from the Minimum: Insert the communication adapter interface connector into the Control Module.

Chapter 3 Configuring the Adapter 4. You should also save the configuration to a file on your computer. This example provides basic navigation instructions and illustrates how to program a Interface to Access parameter. Rockwell Automation Support Rockwell Automation provides technical information on the Web to assist you in using its products.

For information on the format of Explicit Messages and example ladder logic programs, see Chapter Using Mnual Messaging. A [Preset Freq x] are the parameters that define the maximum frequency the drive will run at during the corresponding step.

Description Optional — description of the drive. A single fault detected on the PowerFlex safety enable redundant inputs will result in the lock-out of the drive and will not cause the loss of the safety function.

Prepare for Drive Start-Up Three parameters are used to configure the logic, speed reference and time for each step. Unless specified in the individual distance tables as tested with the drive, these cables are not recommended and their performance against the lead length limits supplied is not known. Connecting the Power and Control Module 1. Page Chapter 8 Troubleshooting Notes: The following parameters will allow this control.

Edit the following information about the drive: Slide the front cover down to remove from the Control Module. Comments to this Manuals Your Name. The installer is responsible to take measures such as a supplementary line filter If you encounter unexpected communications problems, the events may help you or Allen-Bradley personnel troubleshoot the problem.

Chapter 3 Configuring the Adapter Notes: Safety Ground – PE This is the safety ground for the drive that is required by code. F HW Addr 2 PID does not function with bipolar input. The corresponding input parameter t, t, t Use parameter A [Text Scroll] to set the speed at which the text scrolls across the display.

The total number of components can be read in Instance 0, Class Attribute 4. Used to calculate the rated slip of the motor. Sets the rated nameplate rpm of the motor. Three types of parameters exist: Logic Programmable logic functions. Chapter Troubleshooting This chapter provides information to guide you in troubleshooting the PowerFlex drive. Page 26 Chapter 3 Configuring the Adapter 4. If the drive was running and using the Reference from the adapter, it will continue to run at the same Reference.

Slave Removed The adapter detected that the slave was disconnected.

Page 84 Chapter 3 Programming and Parameters Terminal Block Group continued t [Wake Time] Sets the analog input time the drive must stay above to wake from sleep mode. You may see two different continue confirmation dialog boxes relating to communication disruptions and erasure of the current contents of the storage card. Chapter 6 Using Explicit Messaging Notes: Slave Logon The adapter has established communications with the slave. When designing your system, consider how personnel will exit the machine if the door locks while they are in the machine.

Keep wire length as short as possible between the enclosure entry point and the EMI filter. Chapter 8 Troubleshooting Notes: