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He is ocean of mercy, imperceptible and faultless.

Krishna Krishna Hare Hare. Sai, who brings forth the lingam, is Shiva or Harathe destroyer. Salutations to the beautiful Lord who is worshipped by the Devas, the one who is known as Madhava and Madhusudhana.

Kindly grant the vision of Your form. The cosmic dancer represents the entire creation. You are known by many names: Worship Govinda and Gopala Lord Krishna. The leader of the Ganas is perfection itself and removes obstacles. He bears the river Ganges, bestows auspiciousness and He rejoices in the bliss of meditation. Thank you for providing aarti pdf in different languages.

Whose father’s property are you looting away? Sai, You are the Lord of the Universe in human form.

Madhyan Aarti

Shiva, with the third eye of wisdom transcends space and time. If you still happen to find any mistakes in any of the chapters, please let me know with full details.

The exceedingly enchanting Lord is the indweller. Bow at the feet of Ganesha, who rides a mouse, has a sweet in His hands and is ever pure. He who is adorned with serpents around His blue neck, is the repository of incomparable qualities.

Saisi vandana karoo Babaansee vandana Ganu mhane Baba Sayee. Without You, there is no one to protect us. The Lord of Ni, Lord Giridhari, wears golden colored clothing.

Devotional songs

Baraa laadhalaa janma haa maanvaachaa Naraa saarthakaa saadhaneebhuta saacha Dharoon Sayeepremaa galaayaa ahantaa, Namaskaar saashtaang Shri Sainaatha. The end result for such a normal size prints is really amazing. I developed this tool myselves just for the cause of making typing easier and quicker. He is adorned with three eyes and the bow. Thank u very much for providing aartis in different languages.

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At first Baba was enraged, but on seeing the women’s love and devotion, He was much pleased and began to smile.

Shower Your grace, O embodiment of divine energy, and mother of the Universe. Lord Sai, Lord of the Universe, supports the ocean of life and protects all those who surrender to Him. Salutations to You, the Goddess of Purity consort of Shivaand remover of the woes of worldly existence. Lord Sai with the pure and sacred name is the indweller.

Tvameva maataa cha pitaa tvameva Tvameva bandhuscha sakhaa tvameva Tvameva vidyaa dravinam tvameva, Tvameva servam mama Devadeva. Jaato prf yevu punarapi — twatcharanaanche paashee ho.

Thank you very much for a great work with more clarity and fonts in bigger size. Please accept gratitudes from the bottom of my heart.

Telugu Bhajans, Hindi Album. I began to ask myself – What earthly connection was there between wheat flour and Cholera?

He is Brahma, Vishnu, Maheshvara, the beloved of devotees and supporter of all religions. He is the dweller in the temple of the heart, sau incarnated to save the world. Thinking in this way while singing, they finished the grinding and after putting the hand-mill aside, they divided the flour into four sbirdi and began to remove them one per head. Protect us, Karthikeya, the youthful son of Shiva and Shakthi, and the bearer of the divine spear.