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ISTQB software testing certification sample question paper with answers – Part II

Upon registration, you will be receiving access codes for all the above three modules and their associated exams. Reply to the original email where you sent you the material. But A is my answer Which of the following is a form of functional testing? A small team to establish the best way to use the tool B.

The statement after the yield will be executed after the last test in the module has finished execution, irrespective of whether the test passed or failed. In unittest we can also run a test method that is expected to throw an error but should not be seen or counted as a test failure. Extensive statistic analysis will not be needed if white- Box testing is to be performed Answer to above question is given as A. Again Thanks to all for your wonderful effort.

Click here for complete details on this certification. Follow-up is not a planning activity. In a risk-based approach, the risks identified may be used to: Determine the cost of the project. For values between 18 to 21, no action is taken. The FunctionTestCase Class integrates the test code into unittest. This kind of layout is mainly used in case of writing functional tests.

You have reached the scheduled ship date. System testing, performance testing C. Please Continue your postings. But B C is my answer Test managers should not: Total 69 questions of multiple choice, drag-and-drop, and point and click. This forms a class as shown below.

Interaction with the Test Tool Vendor to identify best ways to leverage test tool on the project. This certification offered by ISTQB is meant for professionals who have already reached at an advanced point in their software testing career and want to further develop expertise in automation testing. Which is the test technique used to write minimal test cases for Elevator functionality: What is an equivalence partition also known as an equivalence class?

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Thanks and Regards Arshad. Nikhil August 2, at 5: The dowwnload of this certification is 3 years i. COuld some one help me and give the correct answer with explanation.

My mail id is vijjirao17 gmail. It has all the information like preconditions, input data, output data, post conditions, etc. Hi Sandhya, I really liked the detail explanation of all the questions. Software that does not perform its intended functions. What are the entry criteria?

Given the following code, which is true about the minimum number of test cases required for full statement and branch coverage: Get the job you want.

Equivalence partitioning system c. She is helping many aspirant software testers to clear the ISTQB testing certification exam by giving tips on how to solve the multiple choice questions correctly with evaluating each option quickly. Interoperability compatibility testing, reliability testing, performance testing B.

Please guide me which is the best certification course i should take for switch and career growth point of view.

ISTQB Book for Foundation Level – Rex Black, Dorothy Graham

In this case we have a method called SetUp method. A Type of Functional Testing, which investigates the functions relating to detection of threats, such as virus from malicious outsiders.

Looks like you have now completed 2 parts and probably there should be a final one which talks all about the tools…We are waiting even for that questionnaire… Thanks for helping us for a quick recap of the topics. B from State S1. The question is regarding the formal review, means Inspection. Given the following decision table: Hi sandhya, I would like to know, how many questions will be given in the exam? Security testing Answer to above question is given as A.

Order numbers on a stock control system can range between and inclusive.

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In the above example skip method is used to skip a particular method. Which of the following statements is true of static analysis: Last month I did PSM 1 certification. Go through all options before selecting one.