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This is most evident is the explosion in the number of FM stations, although this is also happening in some countries that are still fairly heavily regulated.

The biggest changes have been in the large increase in stations following deregulation across the globe. I was downkoad late to the party. We serve several markets and different specialties within those markets so I hope our readers will continue to support our unique offering. WRTH will also give you useful information for QSLing and identifying the coordinates of the worrld site any given broadcaster is using.

The change that is coming is obviously the switch to digital transmissions both for TV and radio.

Passport To World Band Radio Edition

Although not intentionally formatted for newcomers, WRTH is also reasonably easy to use, and a much, passpkrt more comprehensive guide to broadcasts than Passport to World Band Radio.

It will be very interesting to downkoad how that plays out. Yes, I think it is. The only thing that would be better is if someone could revive Passport and make a version. Last week, I received a copy of the WRTH, and enjoyed a most welcome read over the holiday weekend. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. As I pointed out in previous posts, do not despair! This is one of the downloae it has become a staple reference for serious radio listeners.

This is really great. I humbly believe our blog, the SWLing Postis as well. These are all taken downThey are all copyrighted and posted without permission. WRTH is now in its 64th edition; how has your content changed over the years?

Passport To World Band Radio | The SWLing Post

In other words, it sorted broadcasts by Universal Time and listed all of the broadcasts available primarily in English with information about program content, where you could rxdio it on the radio dial, and even included mini-reviews—often humorous—of the shows.

What a treasure trove! This makes it much easier! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. WRTH has announced that their edition is now available online. This is great bahd, thanks for posting this!

So they are in fact illegal pirate versions. There are alternatives for finding shortwave radio schedules.

Passport to World Band Radio now available for download

Add to the collection and make a great service even better! Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.

We have a very down,oad and deep contributor network and consequently get a lot of information. These issues span and are free to download. I guess the ownership of the copyright is more important than the spirit of shortwave listening it was born from. What a treasure trove! Through the hard work and dedication of the finest set of contributors and editors any publisher could hope for.

This is great news, also I remember hearing somewhere that SOME of the original editors, contributors, and publishers were going to reinvent the publication and start a new version solely online in the near future.

Although dated, it could be a nice read for a newbie. These issues span and are free to download. He accepted with enthusiasm. This format was very accessible for those who may not yet have a full grasp of the nuances of shortwave radio listening. I was actually thinking about purchasing an old copy or two mostly for reading the old equipment reviews as well as the feature articles on various countries or stations. The main reason for this is the fact that inInternational Broadcasting Services, Inc.

Passport to World Band Radio now available for download — dxradio. We also have a lot of readers who have a professional interest in radio and others who are most interested in global transmissions.

Consider making a donation of your print magazines, book, catalogs and other broadcast and hobby related media to American Radio History.

passport to world band radio 2012 pdf

Also, check our Blogroll links right navigation column for other great radio websites. Consider subscribing to our RSS feed. Passport to World Band Radio has decide not to publish a edition; do you feel your customer base is broad enough to support your future publications? We also offer shortwave radio reviews in simple form on our main site and also in this blog portion of our website. I only have one old copy left. This year in particular, it is my belief that WRTH will become even more important to radio listeners.

If it were my books,and could no longer profit from sales I would put it on the internet for free. I hope that this is being done to heighten interest in a new version. If you would like a copy of WRTHsimply click on one of the following to order your copy: If this is new to you, read some of our previous posts about this.