Your Volito2 pen, likewise, will take a bit of practice to master the technique of positioning the screen cursor in. Sets the screen Sets the screen cursor tracking cursor acceleration Navigating the manual Use the navigation controls to move through the manual: Enter text from picture: EN Class B electromagnetic emissions Based on the results of these tests, Wacom declares that the above mentioned devices conform to Article

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Button Functions Button functions The pen side switches have pull-down menus that wacom ctf-420 you to choose the function that will be performed when a button is pressed. After changing right- and left- Restart Windows for your Wacom pen settings to wacom ctf-420 correctly recognized.

Product Information, Ordering Parts And Wacom ctf-420 Product information To learn more about ctd-420 software applications are currently tablet enhanced to support the pressure-sensitivity of your Volito2 tablet and pen, visit the Wacom web site for your region: Uninstalling the software Follow the appropriate wacom ctf-420 below to remove the Wacom tablet and tablet software from your system.

When you wacom ctf-420 a setting, your changes take effect immediately. Obtaining driver downloads Wacom periodically updates the tablet software driver to maintain compatibility with new products, and recommends that you regularly update the driver for best functionality. Plug the tablet and computer into an outlet that is on a different circuit from the television or radio. Sets the screen Sets the screen cursor tracking cursor acceleration Dragging Dragging Dragging is used to select and move objects on the screen.

NDEX Go to index. Select the button functions to perform wacom ctf-420 pressing a side switch. Comments to this Manuals Your Name.

The screen cursor jumps back. Using the side switches The Volito2 pen is equipped with two programmable side switches. wacom ctf-420

Using the pen Your Volito2 pen is cordless, battery-free, and pressure sensitive. Then press the pen wacom ctf-420 to the tablet and slide it across the tablet surface.

This chapter describes how to use the Pen Tablet control panel to adjust your tool settings. To return to the factory settings, just click D. Individual results may vary. Enter text from wacom ctf-420 By default wacom ctf-420 entire active area of the tablet maps to the entire monitor.

The maximum distance in screen pixels that the cursor can move between clicks and still be accepted as a double-click. Cannot move the cursor where Open the Pen Tablet control panel.

Adjusting tip feel The T slider adjusts the sensitivity of the pen tip.

WACOM VOLITO 2 User Manual

Enables you to simulate keystrokes. Work with the pen on the active area of the tablet just as if you were using a ball point pen qacom a piece wacom ctf-420 paper. Pointing The Volito2 pen positions the pointer or cursor on your screen. Europe, Middle East and Africa wacom ctf-420 When you click on the P For example, in some drawing programs sliders are used to vary brush characteristics width, color, and opacity.


The pen is a pressure- sensitive freehand tool for image editing and creating natural-looking pen and brush strokes. You can tilt wacom ctf-420 pen in any way that feels most comfortable for drawing. WACOM grants ctf-20, the user, the right wacom ctf-420 use the software solely in accordance with the conditions of this software license agreement.

Then try the following tests: Wacom ctf-420 56 Telephone General: If you are new to using a pen tablet and tablet input tools, read the wacom ctf-420 sections to learn about your Volito2 pen and how to use it with the tablet. If you encounter problems with your Volito2 pen or tablet, refer to the following tables. Dragging Dragging is used to select and move objects on the screen.

Wxcom is the default wacom ctf-420. A large double-click distance may cause a delay at the beginning of your brushstrokes in some drawing applications. Customizing the side switches You wacom ctf-420 set the side switches on the pen to simulate a variety of mouse functions.

Go to front page. Page 30 When you click on the P With a bit of practice, using the pen will become wacom ctf-420 nature to you.