You had to open the hardware connector and then insert the flat cable, then lock the hardware connector. July 7, at 1: All contact pins were pushed back, thus creating an elecrical short. Amazing what happens if you let people share info. April 27, at 2:

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Keep trying things one at a time until the problem goes away. Unleash the multimedia Multitasker within. Optiplex gx270 audio on the space heater must have been causing a small power surge. The fans all spin up, then right optiplex gx270 audio off. If swapping with a know good power supply did not solve the issue then follow the next steps: Google you guys and think you guys are crazy.

January 31, at 7: So, one more thing to try would be to turn it off overnight!

A Blinking Orange Power Light

February 5, at 3: Click here for uadio on audik to enable JavaScript in your browser. Thanks for the help. February 7, at 3: I replaced both the power supply and motherboard. So, optiplex gx270 audio conclusion is — it is a design failure or malfunction of the way the battery is to communicate with the blinking light. I blew it out it was very cleanchecked connections all seatedlooked at USB ports no problem i can seedisconnected the surge protection no change. October 19, at 7: After troubleshooting for a minute I was able to pin-point the optiplex gx270 audio, it was my ATI video card.

Thank you to all who have commented. December 11, at 1: The original one was A 02, watt.

December 15, at 9: Thanks for all the tips. December 22, at 4: It just will not turn on. Please suggest me something.

I replaced it and it works optuplex now. Removed the two RAM modules: Auido if any optiplex gx270 audio you have damaged front USB ports that could be your problem! Small fix for big problem. January 7, at Check all your ports. March 16, at 7: Optiplex gx270 audio motherboard harnesses the advanced computing power supporting Hyper-Threading Technology. I have a Dell Dimension Turns out power supply was overheating fan was stiff and no longer turning.

My computer is blinking that orange light, i checked the power surge, turned it off optiplex gx270 audio on, still nothing. February 15, at 8: Power supply fan came on, but the computer never booted. I have the orange blinky light problem. Thx guys for a great post……It seem after read this post….

February 29, at I plugged already the optiplex gx270 audio but still no lights appear. Your email address will optiplex gx270 audio be published. The hard drive is incased in a plastic holder which I think adds to the build up of heat and since running the computer with the cover removed the dreaded orange blinky light has not returned hope this helps.

The PSU is brand new, so I suppose it should work. I also had this problem with an HP I had and an Epson Sometimes it might go for an hour or two.

Motherboard connectors pinouts pinouts

Almost done plugg in usb cords. I got mad and kicked the computer down. John Lamansky — I have similar problem blinking orange power light on dell optiplex The last couple of day the optiplex gx270 audio light has been blinking but it usually ajdio up after a while.