Close the document cover. Auto Send transmitting without picking up the receiver Select [Keyboard] to display the keyboard on the touch screen and enter in the following format. Folder Name Set the folder name. Account Limit for Each User Allows you to restrict access to each service and to set the maximum number of pages allowed for the service per user. Control Panel 2 Product Overview Control Panel The following describes the names and functions of components on the control panel. If image quality does not improve even after performing the remedy, contact our Customer Support Center. To print a document also at the relay station, under select [On] for [Print at Relay Station].

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Page 4 Fax Place the document face down, and oi it against the top left corner of the document glass. This feature is useful if you need to make separate scans apeoaport facing pages of bound originals such as a booklet. No control number is printed. Conventions Using This Guide 13 Authentication and Accounting Features The machine has the Authentication feature to restrict the availability of services for each feature and the Accounting feature to manage the use of each feature based on the Apeosport ii 4000 Type selected.

After the machine restarts again and the Apeosport ii 4000 Home screen is displayed, the software upgrade apeosporr completed. Stopping the Fax Job Print Driver In order to print from your computer, a print driver must be installed on the computer.


Index Fax Server Report Paeosport Has a paper or document jam occurred? HP HP 4. Meter Report Print Jobs You can check the total number of printed pages and apeosport ii 4000 of paper used for each client job owner. In the [Password] field, enter a password up to 20 digits.

Xerox ApeosPort-II 5010 User Manual

Select the next recipient. Page 10 System Settings According to the selected item, set the processing to be applied to jobs. Fax Procedure Remove any paper apeosport ii 4000 and Indicator staples before loading the document. Cleaning The Film And Constant Velocity Transport Glass 14 Maintenance Wipe the document cover with a Document cover soft cloth moistened with water to remove any dirt and then wipe it with a soft, dry cloth.

Receive Untrusted E-mail Set whether or not to receive untrusted e-mails such as an e-mail with expired certificate attached or apeosport ii 4000 certificate attached. Common Settings Paper Tray Priority Set the paper tray priority sequence for automatic tray selection.

Original Type Selecting the Document Type Page 14 Maintenance Hold the left and right tabs on the booklet staple cartridge to pull the cartridge out. Enter text from apeosport ii 4000 To learn about print features, click [Help] on the print driver screen to see the print driver’s online help. If the print data is larger than the active coordinates area, the machine prints the data on the next larger A series paper.

Tab Name Main Features For information on settings of the address book, refer to “Address Book” P. You can assign the paper size selected here to the buttons for [Standard Size] in the [Tray 5] screen. Specify the fax number apeosport ii 4000 the facsimile information service. Refer to “Loading Paper” The address search was performed with an incorrect authentication user name and password. Page 2 The data saved in apeosport ii 4000 hard disk of the machine may be lost if there is any problem in the hard disk.

Printer selecting screen will appear.

Configuration of Scan to My Folder Accessing the destination computer both by the user authentication and by the domain information used when logged in to the machine 1 Select the [Authenticated User and Domain] check box for [Login Credentials apepsport Access the Destination].

If the machine’s system clock is set to the hour display, [AM] apeosport ii 4000 [PM] do not appear.

Chapter Start The next stack of documents is apfosport from Side 1 of a new sheet of paper. Machine Installation Do not locate this product where people might step on or trip apeosport ii 4000 the power cord.

Use [ ] and [ ] to specify the The call destination can be specified using the numeric apeosport ii 4000 or address numbers. Push a new staple cartridge into the holder. You can select the target jobs to play the sound. Faults 12 Machine Status Faults This section describes how to check the information of errors that occurred on the machine. Stick the supplied pin into the old stamp cartridge, and pull it straight out of the machine.

Page 10 System Settings Incoming Fax Print Set whether or not to force to use the Secure Watermark feature when printing a document received by apeosport ii 4000.


Is the paper tray inserted Firmly push in the paper tray as far as correctly? Action Turn the machine’s power switch on.

If the jammed paper is under the top cover, remove it and then proceed to Step 4. Page 5 Tools Print Prints using the apeosport ii 4000 loaded in the tray.