If the AC adapter provides steady voltage even when you wiggle the cable, probably the AC adapter is bad and you have a problem with the DC jack. If you see the same problem on the external video output, the graphics card is bad. Also, make sure to read step-by-step instructions for troubleshooting dead laptops. Jasmine March 1, First, I would run hard drive diagnostics. Is there a problem with motherboard or any other issue?

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Probably the heatsink is clogged partially and CPU overheats when you running games.

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Kabir Hossain January 19, Find information and receive instant notifications about your product. Any ideas sony vaio laptop vgn-cr353 what Lapptop may sony vaio laptop vgn-cr353 accidentally touched? When you plug the AC adapter into the laptop, there are no lights turning on at all. Jayesh March 28, What should I do? Any idea on what this is and how it can be fixed? And the search options of the windows are not also working.

Wishing you all the best on carrer and thanks if you can help. There should be two pads on the motherboard under the memory module. Support by Sony Mobile App. I love my laptop very much. The lenovo y laptop power from ac to dc not supplying, Adapter and battery is ok, on Motherboard pin no. Now plug sony vaio laptop vgn-cr353 the AC adapter again.

When either one fail, the backlight stops sony vaio laptop vgn-cr353. How can I get these files off, and how can I fix the computer from doing this? First, I would test the laptop with another known good AC adapter.

First, when I close and open the lid again and secondly, when the mouse pad is touched after the display of off as per time set thus the lids is not moved in this case. The laptop turns on, power LED lights up, cooling sony vaio laptop vgn-cr353 works but nothing appears on the screen. I have Compaq Laptop, today its os corupted, when i go to installing OS it can not happening, i also try to enter in bios but it is going to hang when i press the baton for entering in bios.

I am uncertain about the last three characters.

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You can try this troubleshooting technique: Try replacing the battery first. This could be memory failure. I am unable to find out the problem. When I connect that vgn-ct353.

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Laura October 8, Naveen February 23, Hamza hussain July 13, Enter the BIOS setup menu. I have an LCD screen that sometimes shows a faded image with horizontal white lines and vertical multi-colored lines that slowly shift around. I sony vaio laptop vgn-cr353 the multicontroller chip PC which seems to be in charge for almost everything including keyboard scan, but still does the SAME!!! The laptop is properly charging.

sony vaio laptop vgn-cr353 I have hp envy17 tx laptop…and I am facing black screen issue after playing games or watching videos…. After some research I found this thread on Dell support website. On some laptops you can reduce the CPU speed when it runs off the battery.

Muppudathi February 5, AA February 15, The back light of my laptop screen goes off after few seconds while booting.

Remove one screw shown in the step 7. My laptop is not starting when I starting it on!!! Antonio August 11, Most laptop SATA hard drives has same type of connector ad desktop hard drives.

The power LED c0mes up, fan w0rking perfectly. How to sony vaio laptop vgn-cr353 or disable Windows sidebar in Windows Vista? Hello Please i need your help, i have an Aspire Laptop of model: Yes, there is a chance of bad AC adapter.

Pedram December 6, Unfortunately, there currently are no manuals for this product. The first step in troubleshooting process would be replacing this board.

I have a Sony Viao Laptop that was vail and now sony vaio laptop vgn-cr353 boots to a black screen that says Operating System not found.

Thanks for any advice. I dont have a problem with my screen and keyboard. Let me know how it goes.