Even with this totally different driver set, I still sometimes get the corruptions particularly after a long time running. Ignoring device from InputClass “touchpad ignore duplicates” [ Please visit this page to clear all LQ-related cookies. Other than that my experience has been great with the vramlimit in place. Comment 71 Alex Deucher Without knowing what you are running I cannot say what you should do really.

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Is your computer running a 32 bit architecture? Please tell us what are the chances that this bug can be fixed?

AMD Provides Legacy Driver for Old ATI Cards

Chipset Graphics cards and APUs Ignoring device from InputClass “touchpad ignore duplicates” [ Thanks in advance, Jonathan. Found x and y absolute axes [ Sign up using Email and Password.

Comment 37 ,inux Brooktree Corporation Bt Audio Capture rev 11 Comment 73 inbox-bpnyjac I don’t know if the 0x7ff7fff resultant value is significant. The clue that sticks out to me as most relevant from the information you have given is this line:. Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.

– [rsm] Graphics corruption with ati x

Comment 42 Alex Deucher Comment 90 d4ddi0 So, for the record: The attachment shows my dmesg output. Output VGA-0 has no monitor section [ 9.

It does not look to me like the problem is an byte alignment issue. I suggest dpm is not supported on this chip.

[ubuntu] Samsung R60 plus – ATI Radeon Xpress

Comment 41 Brian ATI Radeon Xpress hi guys, this could be the worst first post in the world but does anyone have a fix for this yet? With the old Ati-driver years ago everything was fine I’ve also duplicated the phenomenon on Knoppix. The version numbers couldn’t ati radeon xpress 1250 linux matched more perfectly: They are hard to find, and often problems with the firmware ati radeon xpress 1250 linux hardware that radeon devs can’t fix, only try to work around.

Is there a way to see what hardware addresses ranges are assigned? Forum rules Before you post please read how to get help. As I mentioned in a previous comment, this patch won’t affect your system.

Comment 4 Brian Don’t blame the folks developing the radeon open source driver. I am thankful for open source radeon drivers.


When vramlimit is disabled, I can trigger the issue very quickly by going to a google xprwss search page in firefox and scrolling down through the images. Thank you for trying yet again to fix this, Alex. I can now play iPlayer full screen with the standard un-accelerated ati driver.